Alpha Resort Tomamus Ice Hotel


On the island of Hokkaido, in the ski resort opened a unique volumes ice hotel, which is part of a complex of ice with a bar and an ice chapel.



Built from the ice hotel Alpha Resort Tomamus Ice Hotel includes only one double room, located under the ice dome.



To spend the night stands to stock up considerable frost - tables, chairs and even a bed in the room is made of blocks of ice, and the temperature can drop to -25 º C. Japan-ice-hotel-08

For visitors of Ice Hotel recommended to "hibernate" in a thick sleeping bags.




To emphasize the unusual beauty of the cold edge of the resort volumes, Japanese engineers and scientists  was developing the idea of an ice hotel, where all thought out in every detail over 9 years. Japan-ice-hotel-05


Employees of the Ice Hotel are very concerned about the hotel, the thickness of the wall which is 15 cm, they are constantly spray snow on the icy wall of the hotel, so that direct sunlight does not hurt them.

The hotel will remain open until February 15.

Photo: Kim Kyung-Hoon / Reuters

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